Family Wealth Management

Family Wealth Management 




Fountainhead Financial Management, Inc., and Richard Paul Probst, CFP® is committed to building relationships with our clients, in order to assist them with four basic objectives related to their financial well being.


  •  Create & Grow Wealth
  • Protect and Preserve Wealth
  • Distribution of Wealth During Their Lifetime
  • Distribution of Wealth At Death

    It is our objective to accomplish these four objectives, to the extent possible for each individual client, keeping in mind their own unique attitudes and values, and in the most tax advantaged way possible. To this end, we have created a disciplined process to ensure that we can deliver ongoing value to our clients in each of the four areas.

13 Fundamental Wealth Management Issues
            As our clients’ primary trusted advisor, we advise and constantly monitor 13 critical issues important to their financial well being and the proper management of their wealth.   Because one ties into another, our process ensures that each of the 13 issues we work in is closely coordinated and works optimally with the other areas through every phase of our clients’ life.

1) Investments   

2) Insurance   

3) Banking, Credit, Loans & Liabilities

4) Retirement Plans & IRA’s  

5) Employee Stock Options   

6) Business Succession     

7) Incapacity Plan/Powers of Attorney 

8) Gifting Plan to Family during Lifetime
9) Gifting to 501C(3) Charities
10)Titling and Property/Asset Ownership
11) Executors/ Successor Trustee
 12) Disposition to Family/ Transition to Descendents
 13) Disposition to Charity/Legacy Plan
            Many people attempt to manage each of these issues individually either by themselves or with several different advisors. Most often, we find that the biggest risk that clients have taken is a lack of coordination and lack of correlation in their financial management. By working with Fountainhead and Richard Paul Probst, CFP®, our clients get a plan, based on their current situation, their own values and goals that is measurable, consistent and monitored on an ongoing basis.