What We Do


 Fee Based Investment Management 

We help our clients invest their money for realistic returns, taking appropriately measured risks with proper consideration to tax consequences. Through our affiliation with LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, we use a number of fee-based platforms which enable our clients to invest in mutual funds, ETF’s and individual securities such as stocks or government bonds. In addition, many of our clients utilize professional third party private asset managers and we can help them through the selection, matching and monitoring process.


IRA Rollover & Distribution Planning
IRA Rules are complex and the penalties are severe. We are specialists in IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified savings, pension/profit sharing plan issues and can help you through any challenges in those areas. If you are faced with any of the situations below, don’t make a change until you’ve consulted with a professional. Call us if:
  • You are changing jobs and have more than $50,000.00 in your 401(k) or IRAs 
  • You may be subject to a job change in the next year
  • You have been offered an early retirement package
  • You need income from your retirement savings and you’re not 59 ½
  • You are concerned about taxes and penalties on your retirement assets   
  • You are over 70 ½ and need to take Required Minimum Distributions
  • You are a beneficiary of an IRA and the owner is deceased  

Retirement Income Planning – Our mission is to make sure you have enough money and don’t run out!
We use an in-depth Retirement Income Strategy that is designed with the goal to help you retire with more income from fewer assets and retain flexibility with your money.
Our income strategy planning will help you to determine…
  • What’s your number? Exactly how much will you need to retire with the lifestyle you want? 
  • How to get to your number, if you’re not there yet
  • How to properly take your retirement distributions to maximize income, extend portfolio life and reduce taxes                                           
  • How to utilize innovative new financial programs to create  retirement income designed with the goal to last a lifetime


Estate Planning
Estate planning is one of the most important aspects of family wealth management. We work as a team with many estate planning attorneys to be sure your plan is well thought-out and your documents are in place to reflect your plan for both before and after your death.

We collaborate and manage:
  • Asset titling issues
  • Beneficiary issues and strategies
  • Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Powers at Incapacity
  • Executor and successor trustee selection
  • Family gifting and charitable giving strategies before and after death
  • Income and estate tax liabilities and solutions
  • Asset Distribution Plan before and after death
  • Business succession issues
Tax Planning 
Don’t assume your tax preparer is doing this for you. Mostly, he or she is just filing the necessary tax forms with little forward planning. By properly coordinating your retirement savings, earned income and retirement distributions with your pension and Ssocial Security income, we can help to ensure that your taxes are managed appropriately
We help our clients coordinate their insurance issues as they relate to:
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
Our process involves an efficiency analysis of our clients' insurance to measure both the adequacy of their coverage and the cost effectiveness of their policies.  Once we determine the appropriate coverage and policy type, we can oftern help a client to keep the same coverage for a lower premium or pay the same premium and get greater coverage.      
Liabilities and Debt Management

We believe that managing the “other side” of the balance sheet can be as important as managing the assets. We help our clients evaluate the cost effectiveness and structure of their credit facilities and be sure they are coordinated with their total Wealth Management Plan. 

The hundreds of creative credit arrangements available to affluent clients can help accelerate the rate of wealth creation and may help protect and preserve established wealth. While pricing is always important, loan structure can allow a client to match up cash flow requirements and provide flexibility in the overall plan. 

Through our relationships with local mortgage and banking companies, we have helped many of our clients restructure their residential and commercial mortages as well as their business and person lines of credit. We bring the "other side" into focus with the total Family Wealth Management plan.

Estate Settlement
When a loved one dies, things can get complicated at a difficult time. Our office assists families in estate settlement by coordinating with their attorney to advise and execute settlement strategies related to:
  • Ownership titling and re-titling
  • Beneficiary claims
  • IRA beneficiary’s inherited accounts
  • Life insurance policy claims
  • Pension, 401(k), profit sharing claims and transfers
  • Trust administration
Our office has assisted clients in almost every aspect of estate settlement. When needed, we always use attorneys to handle probate and legal work but many aspects of estate settlement don’t require an attorney. We can help your family save money on settlement costs. 


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck