What Sets Us Apart



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Fountainhead Financial Management, Inc.

4.4 Value Message 

1) Fountainhead Financial Management, Inc. is a private, Family Financial Management office. We work “comprehensively” with families on a full range of important financial issues. Where other advisors may be affiliated with a large bank, brokerage or insurance company and work “fragmentally”, we operate in an independent, open architecture system, providing access to a wide range of financial products and strategies. 

2) We believe that people want one source to help them manage all their financial issues. We provide a high level of customized service by focusing on a disciplined process that addresses 13 important wealth management issues. We are uniquely positioned to partner with clients to manage a team of independent professionals. We document and prioritize our work on each of the 13 issues and monitor the process throughout our relationship.  

3) We utilize many years of experience and knowledge along with a vast network of resources to add value to our clients' standard of living. We have access to dozens of “advanced planning” departments at several large companies with whom we may consult regarding specific estate, tax planning and retirement plan issues. We work  side by side with a network of local experts in accounting, taxes, legal or real estate issues on behalf of our clients.  We purchase investment research from a number of organizations and are able to place money with over 80 different money managers or third party asset managers. We can establish consolidated accounts utilizing almost every kind of individual security.

4) We deliver this service locally in a highly personalized and comprehensive way.

a) We work to make for a consistent client experience by providing four service absolutes:

i) Each client has a personalized communication plan that outlines our contact over a twelve month period. It specifies the number of face to face meetings, phone calls or e-mails and includes any contacts we have had with their other team members i.e. tax or legal advisors. This helps us to stay on track with the right amount of contact that both the client and the advisor needs and expects.

ii) Each client receives at least one “Portfolio Structuring and Investment Policy Statement”. This document outlines the agreed upon asset sector allocation and risk tolerance as well as the reallocation or rebalancing triggers. We perform regular investment policy review meetings to determine any necessary changes.

iii) Each client has an annual review and update of his/her strategy and implementation plan addressing the 13 Family Wealth Management Issues based upon the client's current situation, future horizons, attitudes and feelings, and their family dynamics. We utilize the 13 Wealth Management Issues grid and our own database system to track the relevant issues and personal insights we gain during the relationship.

iv) Each client has direct contact with Richard Paul Probst, CFP®, who is responsible for the relationship. Our policy is to return all calls within one business day.

b)  We strive to bring two “Value Added” services for all our clients:

i) We want to be the one “Go-To” resource for clients to manage all their financial issues. When they need an answer for one of their other team members, they can call us. For instance, we can provide prompt answers to requests for information for tax questions or assist with estate planning issues. We often provide additional insight or advice that is helpful in a client's unique situation which may make a financial impact. We act as a financial quarterback, helping our clients to coordinate all of financial issues.

ii) We want our clients to feel very comfortable knowing that they have someone working for them who is organized and professional, with personal insight into their own situation, who has their financial information, the names of their team members and a handle on the big picture they envision for themselves and their families. We work to make sure that our clients' “financial infrastructure” is in place!